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Christopher  “Nightbird” Childs (Singer / Songwriter):

The track listing for the disc is as follows:

1. Figment (C.Childs)

2.Tomorrow's Calling (Childs/Childs)

3.3,000 Miles (Childs/Childs)

4.Take These Chains (Childs/Childs)

5.Brokedown Engine (Willie McTell)

6.No Yesterdays (Childs/Childs)

7.Duet in the Aftermath (C.Childs)

8.One More Cup of Coffee (Bob Dylan)

9.Witchseason (C.Childs)

10.Ballad of the Wasted Wind (Childs/Childs)

11.Gray Skies (Childs/Childs)

12.Lesson of Love & Hate (Childs/Childs)



This site is dedicated to all who have inspired me to pour my life out and pick up a pen & a guitar, including...

Dylan, Lennon, Richie Havens, Jack White, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Nick Drake, Robert Johnson, Son House, Roger McGuinn, Jimmy Page, and last but not least Joseph Pugh (the best songwriter no one's ever heard!)...

Special thanks to Brigitte Childs, for kicking me in the arse when I need it...



Listen to "Folk Alley" while browsing my site!